Social Science Consulting based in Alaska

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Sandhill.Culture.Craft provides a variety of social science consulting services, including:

Contact information:

PO Box 924

164 Virgin Creek Rd.

Girdwood, AK 99587

Phone: +1 (907) 434-1413


  • Developing cultural resource plans
  • Cultural resource education
  • Grant writing and assistance
  • Project design
  • Oral history
  • Technical writing
  • Collaborations on projects
  • Providing assistance with 'overflow' work beyond an institution's capacity
  • Other social, cultural, archaeological, and historical consultations and research

  • Traditional, indigenous, and local knowledge documentation and research
  • Social and cultural research and analyses
  • Cultural Resources Management work
  • Archaeological and historic resource inventories, surveys, and monitoring (e.g. for NHPA Section 106 compliance)
  • Social, cultural, archaeological, and historical research in association with development activities
  • Archival research
  • Museum planning
  • Cultural event planning and facilitation
  • Mapping consultation